When Arshi Khan got caught red-handed by her father with condoms in the cupboard?

Recently, Arshi Khan revealed how one day her father came to her flat in Mumbai for a surprise visit from Bhopal and found condoms in her cupboard. She also said that her father was very mad at her, but she managed to convince him that her room-mate who was staying with her for a few days  was responsible for this and she had nothing to do with the condoms as they belonged to her room-mate and she was not aware as to what was in the packet which was in a brown paper bag.

In fact, actress Mahima Puri Singh who claims she was Arshi Khan’s flatmate for a short while has confirmed this story and said that not once but at least 3 times over the last 3 years, Arshi Khan got caught by her family members with condoms in her bedroom or in her cupboard.

On two ocassions, it was her father who found them, which ensued in a big fight. Her father did not speak to her for nearly two months after this incident, Mahima Singh Puri reveals.