Police ordered to enter Bigg Boss house and arrest Arshi Khan as second NBW issued by Jalandar Court

A Jalandar magistrate’s court has ordered the police to enter the Bigg Boss house on the sets of Bigg Boss at Lonavla and arrest model and actress Arshi Khan for not attending court proceedings tor the last 4 months. Controversial model and actress Mahima Singh Puri who rose to fame after her nude images were leaked had tweeted the news two days ago: Here is her tweet:

Arshi Khan’s manager Flynn Remedios was not available for comment.

According to Mahima Singh Puri, a criminal case was filed against Arshi Khan in April this year for painting the Indian and Pakistani flags on her bare body. The complainant who is a lawyer had alleged in his complaint that Arshi Khan was trying to create enmity between communities by painting the Pakistani flag on her boobs and crotch.

Earlier, during the World Cup when India played Pakistan at Kolkatta, Arshi Khan had painted the Indian flag on her bare back.

Controversies do not seem to end for Mahima Singh Puri. After she recently accused a director of trying to molest her, she landed into another legal tangle when she said arrested Beyhadh actor Piyush Sahdev was hitting on her and even abused her and pushed her on the sets of a Tv serial, where she was doing a small role.

Mahima Singh Puri’s also alleged that leaked private images were shot by a mobile phone camera by Bhojpuri director Ram Singh Gupta during a look test, but he did not use them as intended and instead shared them on his Facebook page.

Now, Mahima Singh Puri has run into yet another controversy. The teaser poster of her Tamil film Love, Sex & Passion had gone viral with uncensored images of Mahima Puri Singh nude which were meant to be edited and censored for the poster also made their appearance online.