PICS: Bold Videos B-grade artiste Swathi Naidu in Kannada Bigg Boss?

A little birdie told us that B-grade bold videos actress Swathi Naidu who is making a lot of noise on Youtube and Facebook could be selected for the coming season of the Kannada version of Bigg Boss.

Swathi Naidu has a huge fan following on Facebook and lakhs of people are her followers, thanks to her bold, risque and raunchy photos and images and videos.

We tried to check with our sources at the Channel and with Endemol but they were all very tight lipped and refused to say anything at all. .

We really wonder what is cooking now? Swathi Naidu was not available for comment and she did not respond to our queries on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Let’s wait and see if this is true.

Meanwhile some reports have suggested that soft-porn star Swathi Naidu is involved in the flesh trade and even has been arrested by the police for prostitution in the past. She had openly declared that she is ready to compromise and sleep with producers for work and also claimed that she has been sleeping around to get work. On one or two occasions, she also made public the names of producers who slept with her and later on did not give her work.

The Chennai police are hunting for pimps and C-grade so-called film producers and financers who are running a call girl or prostitution racket ring in Chennai and Hyderabad. According to sources, C-grade porn star actress Swathi Naidu’s name has also cropped up in the racket, and police confirm that the soft porn star Swathi Naidu could also be part of the big ring of south actresses and producers who also double up as as pimps for the actress-call girls in the south.


Meanwhile, in Naihati, a district of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal, the police arrested a woman who claimed to be a model and actress from the Tamil film industry, for indulging in the flesh trade. According to a police report, the 25-year-old woman (whose name has been kept confidential) bore a striking resemblance to the well-known south film (Tamil) industry soft-porn actress Swathi Naidu and used to charge Rs 2 lakh per day for her services, by claiming that she was a famous semi-porn star from Hyderabad. The police also arrested a pimp and two others who had accompanied the actress and who claimed were her bodyguards.


Initially, when confronted by the police, the woman said she was a famous Tamil actress, but later on a search of their belongings, revealed that though she was from Andhra Pradesh, she was not Swathi Naidu. According to a police official, the woman and the pimp took advantage of her very close resemblance to the soft-porn actress and used to charge unsuspecting businessmen a huge amount of money for availing her services. Acting on a tip-off the police laid a trap, sent a decoy under cover cop and arrested the group when the woman went up to the hotel room and demanded her payment. It seems the pimp had tried to even blackmail a few “customers” by clicking photographs and later on threatening to send them to their families.

The police said the trio who were arrested  under the PITA act were sent to police custody for 3 days by a local magistrate’s court (JMFC) in Naihati.