Flynn Remedios clarifies: Jalandar JMFC court arrest warrant stayed, police will not enter Bigg Boss house to arrest Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan’s manager and publicist today clarified that an arrest warrant which was issued by a Jalandar magistrate’s court or JMFC (Judicial Magistrate First Class) has been stayed till January 15, 2018, giving Arshi Khan temporary respite or relief  to attend the court on or before 15 January 2018 and get the warrant cancelled.

Speaking to this reporter, Flynn Remedios said: “As reported by a news agency, an arrest warrant was issued against Arshi Khan on Monday by a Jalandar magistrate’s court. I could not attend the court as I was down with fever and as we all know, Arshi Khan is locked inside the BIgg Boss house. Arshi Khan has been inside the Bigg Boss house since October 1st and this was the third time that the case came up for hearing in the last three months.”

As reported by a national news agency, a criminal case was filed against Arshi Khan in April this year for painting the Indian and Pakistani flags on her bare body. The complainant who is a lawyer had alleged in his complaint that Arshi Khan was trying to create enmity between communities or religious groups by painting the Pakistani flag on her boobs and crotch. Earlier, last year during the World Cup, Arshi Khan had painted a version of the Indian flag on her bare back to support the Indian cricket team. She was also supporting Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi and painted the Pak flag on her chest.

The warrant was issued for the second time and the court instructed the police to enter the Bigg Boss house and arrest Arshi Khan as the local lawyer in Jalandar who has filed the complaint against Arshi Khan is also the President of the Bar Council Association of that court and was forcefully influencing the court to act against Arshi Khan, Flynn Remedios alleged.

On hearing about the arrest warrant, I instructed a lawyer in Jalandar to file a cancellation of NBW application in the court the very next day. The court held that since this is the 3rd time that Arshi Khan has not remained present consequently, the warrant can only be cancelled if she makes herself personally present in the court.

However, on producing proof that Arshi Khan is locked up inside the Bigg Boss house, the court was pleased to stay the execution of the warrant till 15th January 2018. In simple terms this means that the arrest warrant still exists and is not cancelled, but the police will not action it till 15th January 2018. If Arshi Khan attends the court before that, the warrant may be cancelled or else the police will execute the warrant after 15th Jan, Flynn Remedios explained.

He claimed that some people and a rival PR are spreading FAKE NEWS against Arshi Khan. You must check with me before publishing such FAKE NEWS, Remedios said.