Censor Board wants 65 cuts in Mahima Singh Puri’s film Love, Sex & Passion, 22 cuts in item songs

Mahima Singh Puri’s uncensored and unedited nude images have gone viral on the internet. The images were shot for the poster of her film Love, Sex and Passion, but somehow the unedited raw images got leaked online.

As if this was not enough, the Censor Board has now demanded 65 cuts in the same film and 22 cuts in the songs. Tweeting her displeasure, Mahima Singh Puri said the Censor Board should instead delete the entire film.

“If we implement all the cuts that the Censor Board is asking for, it will mean deleted almost 50 per cent of the film. Instead they should have asked us to delete the entire film,” Mahima said.


The teaser poster of her Tamil film Love, Sex & Passion has gone viral and is all over the internet. The uncensored images of Mahima Singh Puri’s nude butt which were meant to be edited and censored for the poster are also doing the rounds on WhatsApp causing great embarrassment for the actress. Here is the uncensored nude photograph, which somehow got leaked and is now viral on the net. We have not attached the uncensored image here as it is NSFW and too hot to handle.


The censored image and poster of the film directed by Rameshnath Venkat Rao and produced by Vrindaavan  Films can been seen below. Mahima SinghPuri has posed totally nude for this film, and we hear there are several similar nude scenes in the film, but director Rameshnath Venkat Rao is not revealing any details for now. He refused to comment on the Censor Board issue only saying that he is looking into the matter and his team is re-examining the order of the Censor Board.

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