Arshi Khan to donate her entire Bigg Boss 11 earnings to Charity for Education of Street Kids

Arshi Khan’s manager and publicist Flynn Remedios today confirmed that Arshi Khan will donate her entire earnings from Bigg Boss 11 to Charity for the education of Street Kids.
Elaborating further Remedios said that for the last 3 years Arshi Khan has always spent her birthday with street kids and has been involved in Charity initiatives for their education and income oriented vocational training.
A two-year old video published in 2015 of Arshi Khan distributing food packets and sweets to kids can be found here.
This is something that is very close to Arshi Khan’s heart and I can assure and guarantee you that this is not just an empty promise or stunt. It’s part of her values and she has been wanting to do something big for street kids for a long time.
She will also launch a support group for providing vocational training to street kids to enable them to get jobs and make a decent, dignified living, Remedios said in Mumbai on Wednesday.