Arshi Khan can drink like a fish and not get drunk, reveals former flat-mate Mahima Singh Puri

Reacting to a report that Arshi Khan was longing for booze in the Bigg Boss house, her former flat mate and controversial Tamil item girl and Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri said that Arshi Khan can drink like a fish and yet not get drunk. “Arshi Khan can hold her drinks very well and during parties, while all her friends get drunk, Arshi stays quite sober in spite of having 2-3 pegs,” revealed Mahima Singh Puri.

According to a Bollywoodlife story in an unseen video that was published on Voot Arshi, Vikas Gupta, Hiten Tejwani, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma are having a good laugh over Luv’s funny actions. It is during this point in time, Arshi asks Vikas, who is the captain of the house to arrange one “peg” for her. She tells him that she will do a “tamashaa” after having just two gulps of alcohol. Hina Khan, who is also in the room asks everyone if there is alcohol available in the powder form. Arshi immediately says if there was she would have two spoons in the morning everyday.


She adds that she would do “tamashaa” all day after having that. Hiten then says that she should pretend that she has had alcohol now and do the tamashaa. She takes a little offense and asks him what is he trying to say. But he replies by saying that he didn’t take anyone’s name and made a generic statement.

Well, Arshi is longing for liquor, but she won’t get it inside the Bigg Boss house. So she will have to wait till the day she comes out says Bollywoodlife.

But, Mahima Singh Puri had earlier revealed that booze is freely served to inmates in the Bigg Boss house who prefer to have a drink or two.