Arshi Khan and Gehana Vasisth are like Gasoline and Fire, there is bound to be a huge explosion: Mahima Singh Puri

Tamil item girl and Bhojpuri actress Mahima Singh Puri who also happens to know Gehana Vasisth and has worked with her in a Tamil film has started a campaign on Twitter #BringGehanaVasisth2BiggBoss because she thinks that Gehana and Arshi are like the Mahabharata heroes Bhima and Duryodhana.

When the two come face to face, there is gonna be a Maha Yudh, says Mahima Singh Puri.

Co-incidentally, Mahima Singh Puri was Arshi Khan’s flatmate 2 years ago and shared a roof with her for about 2-3 months when she came to Mumbai.

Since I have known both Arshi Khan and Gehana Vasisth – I think they are like petrol and fire or maybe fire and oxygen, There has to be a huge explosion. I worked with Gehana on a Tamil film and lived with Arshi for about 3 months. I know them both really well. They just cannot stand the sight of each other.

It will be a great injustice by Colors and Endemol to the viewers of Bigg Boss if they do not bring these two together face to face at least for few days to a week, said Mahima Singh Puri.

Colors will definitely get a huge boost in TRPs as their combined presence in the BIgg Boss house will change the equations with all the remaining contestants who seem to have got into a cosy mutual understanding with each other.

Gehana had earlier claimed that Bandagi Kalra is married and now separated. She was the first to reveal that Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde might get married on the show and that Vikas and Shilpa even had a physical relationship in the past. For Arshi she said: Arshi is married to a 50-year-old man. Referring to Arshi Khan she even told a media portal: ‘Yeh 5000 Rs mein bikti hein.” (She sleeps with men for Rs 5000, Gehana told Dainik Bhaskar in a daring interview.

Priyank Sharma has a sexual molestation case pending against him in Delhi and is 2 or 3 timing his girlfriend Divya Agarwal, Gehana has openly alleged on Tv. She even claimed that Priyank is bisexual and sleeps around for work.

If Bigg Boss does not bring Gehana Vasisth face to face with the contestants this season, it just means that all that Gehana Vasisth said is true and Colors is scared of Gehana Vasisth being part of the cover up themselves, opined Mahima Singh Puri, saying she is gonna start a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #IsBiggBossScaredofGehanaVasisth? very soon.